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For many years I have explored the conceptual part of Daumier and Millet's realist work. Now, my research is taking me closer to painting's roots. This new area of investigation has to do with a reflection on the way in which the colors that were used to create the masterpieces of Western painting were procured during the Renaissance (1450-1590).

Curiously, the color road would often cross the spice road. From the Orient to the Occident, from India, Egypt and Bengal : colored matter is fascinating due to it's diversity and provenance; and all through Europe chemists were showing interest in this new market.

Imagine for a moment these boxes of color, expected for months, coming full of dreams from their country of origin. Leonardo Da Vinci relates that their high price and the difficulty to obtain them were nourishing their mystery.

With this series of work, I wanted to recreate the purity of these boxes of color when they were first opened on their arrival. Only the name of the country of origin and of the color appears.

Here, I let you mix them like Da Vinci, Michelangelo or Pontormo did before. Perhaps the journey offered by painting is in fact the journey of color...

Louis Boudreault           


envoi de crète Louis Boudreault   envoi de grêce Louis Boudreault    envoi de sienne Louis Boudreault


envoi des indes Louis Boudreault    Envoi_de_chine-louis_boudreault_artiste    Envoi_a_giotto-louis_boudreault_artiste    Picasso par Louis Boudrenvoi de gris Louis Boudreaulteault    envoi de germanie Louis Boudreault


Envoi_a_giotto-louis_boudreault_artiste    Envoi_de_byzance-louis_boudreault_artiste    Envoi_de_byzance-louis_boudreault_artiste    Envoi_de_byzance-louis_boudreault_artiste





Envoi_de_florence-louis_boudreault_artiste    Envoi_de_florence-louis_boudreault_artiste    Envoi_de_perse-louis_boudreault_artiste        


projet_les_envois-vue_d_atelier-louis_boudreault_artisteprojet_les_envois-vue_d_atelier    etude_pour_un_envoi_au_maroc-louis_boudreault_artiste

projet_les_envois-vue_d_atelier-louis_boudreault_artiste    projet_les_envois-louis_boudreault_artiste

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